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Data analysis (or a data analyst) and Data Science (or a data scientist) are two different facets of analytics with different objectives, roles & responsibilities. Hence, it is important for the student to first understand the key requirement of each of the two profiles; and make an informed choice on whether they wish to progress towards data analysis or data science.

Data Analysis is a more analytics-centric role wherein both software, as well as analytical acumen of the student, would be tested. The ability to process terabytes of data, design extensive data-lakes, good know-how on the database management system, SQL, and churning insightful reports for businesses, etc. are mandatory skills of a data analyst. The requirement of data scientists is different and relates more to the knowledge of statistics, mathematical models as well as scripting languages such as Python, etc. Hence, based on the existing skill sets & interest of the student, an informed decision needs to be made. There is a certain level of correlation between the two as well as data analysis is an integral part of descriptive analytics while data science forms a part of predictive and prescriptive analytics.
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